Dia daoibh agus fáilte go dtí mo bhlag!

This blog is meant to be the other side of the coin that is Ceitherne, I’ve tried doing all this stuff before but never been that good at it. I know blogs normally have a theme or topic to focus on, this one will basically be me I guess. I started it initially since a few of my mates thought my shyness was crippling my writing and it might be a place I could get feedback without worrying about being known as the writer. Then I was criticized for not blogging when I lived and worked in various places like Austria, Spain and Switzerland. Lastly I caught some flak for not writing about my climbing or mountaineering adventures at home and abroad.

So in an effort to be productive and maybe keep a cool record of what I’ve gotten up to, this will be a collection of my ramblings and ravings.  On this you’ll find the trials and tribulations of my mountaineering career. You can also expect to find my various misadventures whether they be in Ireland or abroad. I hope you enjoy it.

For my writing, check out www.ceitherne.wordpress.com


The author wandering in west Kerry. Home.


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