1967: The summer Shamrock Rovers became an American franchise

Interesting snippet of football history.

Oval balls, mauls, and Ireland's calls

During my research of domestic football in the United States for my last post [see here] I stumbled across the short-livedUnited Soccer Association. It was a professional league that lasted just one season before merging with the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL), itself a one-season wonder, to form the North American Soccer League (NASL).

United Soccer Association United Soccer Association The United Soccer Association (USA) was truly unique as rather than building franchises from the ground up, or building upon existing semi-professional clubs, it imported European and South American clubs which were then designateda major city and given American franchise names. In short, to explainthis post’s “click tease” headline, Shamrock Rovers wereone of 12 such clubs. Giventhe city’s prevalentIrish heritage, Rovers were based in Boston as the Boston Rovers.

As it usually does, even today, there is nothing like a World Cup to rekindle American interest and intrigue in “soccer”. The…

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