Kick off for Kilimanjaro.

Well all,

the time has come, the moment I’ve been waiting for, for quite some time. I’m getting ready to go eat prior to heading to Dublin airport for the first leg of my journey towards Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the highest peak in Africa and my first (ideally!) of the Seven Summits.

Sadly Elbrus won’t be happening. Not this year sadly. Well just for me. My visa was rejected by the Russian embassy and I didn’t have enough time to re-apply and visit in person as I was still working in Switzerland. Considering how action-packed the summer is, I shan’t complain, maybe it’s all for a good reason! And while I won’t see Moscow or the Caucasus this year, they’ll still be there next year and the mountain isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be glad to be part of the team for even one summit and I’ll support them all the way with the second. It’ll be a success to have members of the club on both summits, the OPC having conquered Aconcagua 11 years ago.

It’s good to learn abit about disappointment. Life doesn’t always go your way and it’s nothing compared to what my friend Paul Devaney went through with his Everest experience this year. He’s not letting himself get rocked back by it and he’s prepping for next year already. While I may not be on Elbrus next year, I shall be there someday and while it’s easy to throw names down on the screen, the dreams are Mont Blanc and Matterhorn and Cuilin Ridge in the next few years. It’s not the end of the world and sometimes you just can’t help it.

We’re doing it for Mountain Rescue in Ireland. These guys along with their counterparts in England, Wales, Scotland and indeed the rest of the world are amazing individuals who are all volunteers and I’ve witnessed their efforts in the past. Thankfully never having required their services, it’s good to know they are there if you need them. If you have a spare coin or two, feel free to donate to us on .  Afterall, every little helps 😉

I left Switzerland rather hungover and tired on the morning of the 21st in a journey more akin to Planes, Trains and Automobiles as well as The Odyssey (More on that for some anecdotes later!). Despite being a bit down, I have had a great summer so far and it isn’t over yet! I made some good friends and definitely will see some of them again, some in the very near future. And I learned abit more about being continental. My languages are still diabolical, I’m still extremely uncultured but I am learning. Slowly. And it is nice to have friends. I’ve been in Dublin since, got to spend two days with my mother, rediscover the city and explore a bit (as well as shop!). It’s not been too bad but it hasn’t been Kerry!

Dublin is big, it’s got a lot of people and considering the biggest place I’ve ever lived in was Salzburg (120,000 maybe?) it’s absolutely stifling the amount of concrete. That said, the city has a bit of character and while my accent is a bit amusing for some of the locals, I find theirs just as entertaining! And did I mention I did some shopping?

It’ll be weird now heading off first to Germany and then into Tanzania. On my journey home, I’ll be laying over in Kenya, Turkey and Romania but regrettably I’ve decided not to spend any time there beyond in the airports. I’ll be on my own, knackered and with lots of climbing kit and still have a lot of stuff to sort out before my move to Poland this September! And I’ll be graduating, did I mention that?

So don’t panic, no posts will be coming from this till after the 4th of August I’d say, but expect some interesting ones after that!

All in all, it’s been a bloody good few weeks.


Enjoying the last night of the Montreux Jazz Festival.



Working with absolute lunatics.


Failed attempts at facial hair.


Rediscovering the primeval depths within.


Ah Chamonix, so close yet so far. I’ll see you there in 2015!


I mean who could complain about working in Valais?


Well that’s all from me. With luck I’ll be back soon.

Slán go foill mo chairde agus ná bí dána!






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