Summer do be here.


Well so far, so good! Arrived in Switzerland and settled in after the obligatory drink or two of welcome.

I’m back working at the summer camp I worked at last year and it’s good to see some old faces back to reminisce with. Weather has been pretty miserable so far but as I write the clouds have cleared and I’m able to look across a valley with the clouds just below the peaks featuring opposite. The sun has come out and it’s hard for me to remember that we’re at 1200m, looking down at the valley. It’s a beautiful country and here in Valais on the French border, it’s especially fantastic.

Looking forward to a day of climbing in Chamonix when I get a day off. Or climbing the peak La Braye that’s around a forty minute walk from where I live now. And even just to hike about the place.

It’s almost too perfect, like something out of a postcard. Placid cows chew on grass while their bells chime all over. And the place is deserted, beyond myself and the other staff, I’ve maybe seen half a dozen individuals in and around Torgon. But solitude is amazing at times. And it’s quite eerie up here with the mist whenever it lingers.

Anywho, just letting you all know I’m alive. And just to make you jealous, here do be a terrible quality photo of my morning view.


Slán agus beannacht!



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Dia daoibh agus fáilte go dtí mo bhlag! My name's Fearghal and you can find my musings and ramblings split over and I hope you enjoy it.
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