Back from the Brink

Bloody hell.


My last entry was on April 29th. A lot has happened since then! Firstly my apologies for the absence of the better part of three weeks, the joys of final year, exams, wrapping up, they all sort of came together to crush any spare time I had. Which meant I wasn’t actually doing anything that much exciting!

Well the essays are all in and the exams are nearly done. Both history exams are dusted off and it’s only a literature one on Walter Scott tomorrow that I have to worry about. After that, copious amounts of alcohol may be consumed, I’ve to clean an entire house in preparation for moving out and then I’ll be getting ready for the summer. But I said to you brave few who follow that I might as well post for the craic.

After all, today is my birthday.

And of course thanks to exams yours truly here is currently stuck in the library attempting to find motivation to just about do anything. Hard when the sun is peeking through outside. But what the hell, I can celebrate tomorrow and I’ll be a much happier individual then!

So tooling up for the summer. I have my old job back in the Swiss Alps as an activity leader at a summer camp (Huzzah!) and Sunday week I’ll be flying to Geneva and heading south by train to the mountains. Delighted. Particularly as some old associates are back. I’ll be there for nine weeks before heading home and then the next big journey begins, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. That will merit a post of its own!

So hang in there, soon enough more interesting tales shall be popping up!

Slán mo chairde!



North is up right?



I also recently won a writing competition in my university so check it out over at Ceitherne if you’re so inclined! Came third in the poetry section as well but to be honest, I don’t feel I deserved that one!




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Dia daoibh agus fáilte go dtí mo bhlag! My name's Fearghal and you can find my musings and ramblings split over and I hope you enjoy it.
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