Firstly, thank you so much to all those who’ve followed me, its weird getting this off the ground. Since this has been the resurrection of an old blog and I’m mindful of not splitting my followers too much, I’ve decided to get it out of the way before I cause too much damage.

I’ve decided to keep this as my general blog about mountaineering and the outdoors. Those of you who are interested in my writing, feel free to check out Ceitherne. It’ll have any fiction writing I do as well as any more abstract writing that doesn’t fit on this. I’ll do my best to keep this for facts! Since WordPress is a handy little site I trust keeping these two managed will keep me busy.

And also check out my buddy Tomás and his blog. We’ve climbed together in Scotland and the Alps and he’s quite a dedicated fellow at this mountaineering lark. Plus you get to see how much artistic license I take with my tales and travels 😉

I’ll have another post up tomorrow, ideally hoping to work through my backlog of exploits and ine it up perfectly with my plans for summer climbing. Thats all folks!

About Ropaire

Dia daoibh agus fáilte go dtí mo bhlag! My name's Fearghal and you can find my musings and ramblings split over and I hope you enjoy it.
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